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Who is Kanz International Projects?

Kanz International Projects L.L.C. is a leading company under the management of Binomeir Group, a reputed business house established in the mid-sixties under the chairmanship of Sheikh Ahmad Mohamed Binomeir Al Hinai. Since 2009, KIP markets a diversity of brands in order to cater to clients’ distinctive needs in wide-ranging sectors. The drive behind our passion at KIP lies at the heart of our clients’ goals by providing them with the best solutions to their businesses. Our high-performing teams are ready to walk the extra mile with our clients from consulting to implementing, as well as after-sales services in order to guarantee their business development.


At KIP, we aim to sustainably lead in the marketplace and propel our line growth while providing our clients with exceptional solutions to ensure the success of their business.


To warrant innovative techniques apt to deliver quality standard products and services that meet clients’ diversified requirements and needs and exceed their expectations. To enhance clients’ satisfaction by providing quality services and committing to excellence. To accommodate, based on our clients’ needs, integrated solutions and supporting services. To improve the development of our country by assisting our clients in achieving their targets.


To provide diversified technical solutions based on clients’ needs and visions. To enhance dynamic strategies that meet the challenging marketplace. To employ financial and personnel resources for sustainable growth. To apply the latest international techniques reflected from our global partnership network. To ensure reliability of products and services to clients. To commit to clients’ satisfaction. To increase community outreach.


Message from the President

Our passion about growth intertwined with innovative practices ensure our commitment to our clients.

At KIP, a team of dedicated professionals seek to maintain authenticity while acknowledging the importance of innovation and precision in producing premium quality services.

Our values, which are rooted to the Omani culture, underpin everything we do at KIP. These values are the source of strength for our consistency at work, dedication in achieving goals, and pursuit in leading the marketplace.

Nonetheless, the core pillar of our company growth remains in procuring our clients with crème de la crème solutions that perfectly fit their mission and guarantee the achievement of their company’s goals.

At KIP, we aspire to move beyond dealership partnerships with our clients; we strive to build goal-achievement partnerships that assure success and enhance market driven standards.


Core values




Brands Dealing

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